LAFLARE K-Beauty Bubble Charcoal Mask Pack #LBCSM

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Our bubbling product contains charcoal that is proven to remove impurities such as toxins, dead skin cells, and sebum. It does not have any harmful sulfates, mineral oils, synthetic color, triethanolamine or petrolatum. It will revitalize your skin to naturally regain its moisture and elasticity and give your that fresh out-of-the-spa look without breaking your wallet.
How to Apply a Bubble Mask Pack
1. After thoroughly cleansing yous skin, apply toner.
2. Apply the mask to your face, taking care not to cover your eyes, nose, or mouth.
3. After 10-20 minutes, the oxygen bubbles should be at its maximum stage.
4. Carefully massage the bubbles into your skin. Remove the mask and use the remaining bubbles to cleanse your face.
5. Thoroughly wash your face with clean mild water and tap your face dry with a towel.