THE MANE CHOICE Proceed With Caution Look Both Ways Hair & Edge Gel 12oz

$13.99 $20.99

Proceed With Caution Killer Curls & Brutal Bounce Look Both Ways Hair & Edge Gel is a dynamic duo hair and edge gel in the same jar! Formulated to meticulously define curls, set your favorite styles, and lock down your edges! Antioxidants protect and deeply nourish the strands while botanicals and nutrients deliver amazing moisture and shine. There are TWO hair gels in ONE JAR! Hair gel is yellow and edge gel is clear.


  • Super power hair gel controls & defines
  • Nourishing ingredients help to protect and condition hair
  • Securely fasten edges with confidence
  • Antioxidants nourish and make hair look and feel stronger
                                                                                                                          DirectionsFor Hair Gel (Yellow): Apply to clean, wet or damp hair in sections. Apply gel sparingly from roots to ends to set desired style. Air dry or for faster drying, sit under a dryer or blow dry. For best results, use as a styling gel for wash n gos, twist-outs, and braid-outs.


Directions: For Edge Gel (Clear): Apply to clean, wet, damp, or dry hair. Use palms, fingers, or brush to gently smooth edges. For best results, secure with a scarf for at least 15 minutes.

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