SHAKE N GO SAGA Brazilian 100% Remy Hair Full Cap Wig PINK BERRY

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Saga 100% Brazilian Remy Human Hair Wig PINK BERRY 

MATERIAL: 100% Remy Human Hair 
TYPE: Wig 
LENGTH: Short 

  • 100% Brazilian Remy Human Hair
  • Refrain from use of oil and pomade applications
  • Mist with water onto the wig and shake out curls to refresh
  • Store the wig on a wig stand
  • Mist the wig with water to dampen; do not immerse into water
  • Apply shampoo, gently wash them in vertical stroke motion and softly pull out the remaining
  • Apply conditioner of necessary
  • Rinse with water spray or gentle splash
  • Blot out wet hair with towel and shake out the curls
  • Allow it to air dry on a wig stand