SHAKE N GO QUE Malaysian Bohemian Bundle Wave 7pcs

$26.99 $37.49

NAME: Shake-N-Go Que MALAYSIAN BOHEMIAN BUNDLE Weave 7 Pcs (14/14/15/15/16/16+Closure) 
MATERIAL: Synthetic 
TYPE: Weave 
LENGTH: 14/14/15/15/16/16 Inch 

  • Complete style in 1 pack - 7 bundle hair - (14/14/15/15/16/16+Closure)
  • Que Malaysian Bundle Wave is part of the next generation of hairs from Que by MilkyWay
  • Que Malaysian Bundle Wave is developed by master artisans at Shake-N-Go to be luxurious, functional, and beautiful. The soft and gentle wave of Malaysian hair sways lightly with every more. The slight natural curve of the hair retains its volume and beauty longer even after many washes. The moisture sealed pre-colored hair possesses luster and easy manageability to endure everyday wear. Que Malaysian Bundle Wave Mastermix is only available through Shake-N-Go
  • Mastermix - This hair product has been created by master mixing some of the most recently invented fibers. These fibers feature smooth and tangle-free, as well as enhanced resilient curl holding advantages. This optimum combination, called Mastermix, gives this product more volume, manageability, and makes the curls last longer. Mastermix is only available through Shake-N-Go products.

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