SHAKE N GO QUE Bubbly Wand Curl

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Shake-N-Go Que Milkyway Wand Curl Weave Collection Human Hair Mix BUBBLY WAND CURL 

MATERIAL: Human hair blend 
TYPE: Weave 
LENGTH: Medium 
  • Mastermix human hair blend
  • Mastermix - This hair product has been created by master mixing some of the most recently invented fibers. These fibers feature smooth and tangle-free traits, as well as enhanced resilient curl holding advantages. This optimum combination, called Mastermix, gives this product more volume, manageability, and makes the curls last longer. Mastermix is only available though Shake N Go products.
Step by step instruction 
  • Step1. Eye mark the area where you wish to place the lace invisible part closure. Divide your hair vertically to create a natural part line and proceed to neatly cornrow your hair to your comfort.
  • Step2. Weave up the lace invisible part closure to the pre determined invisible part area.
  • Step3. Place the lace invisible part closure on the head and sew in/glue tightly along the weaving wedge and then around the lace surrounding the pad to complete the look. Lastly, cut off any excess lace.
  • Step4. Finished Look, now with a natural hair part, you can style the hair any way you desire.