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5D individual lash a type of eyelash extension that is tailored to give you a dramatic and voluminous looks to your natural lashes. The name of the lash comes from five ultra-fine synthetic lashes, creating a fuller, more dramatic effect number. Since the individual lash extensions are applied to each individual lash it gives more natural look whole adding the length and volume with minimal maintenance and ability to customize to your taste.

  • [5D INDIVIDUAL LASH] Perfect lash to give you bold and eye-catching effect while keeping on the natural side as it is applied onto the natural lash to create more seamless look.
  • [CUTOMIZABLE] 5D individual lash is designed to be customized to your own taste of lengths, curls, and thickness to create your perfect look.
  • [KNOT-FREE] Knot-free style of the 5D lash comes without the knot at the base of each lash extension to create a more seamless and natural looking appearance. Elimination of the knot also reduces the weight and tension on the natural lash to give more comfortable wear for those with sensitive, thin and delicate lashes.
  • [KNOTTED] Knotted style of the 5D lash has a small knot at the base to add length and volume to the natural lash. It is perfect style to create a dramatic and voluminous look.
  • [LOW MAINTENACE] Our 5D lash require minimal maintenance as they attach to the natural lashes and all you have to do is to cleansing and brushing to keep the lash looking their best and long-lasting.
  • [CRULTY FREE] Our 5D lashes are cruelty free because we believe in conscious beauty


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