BabylissPRO RAPIDO Nano Titanium Ionic Thermal Paddle Brush

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BaBylissPRO® Rapido Hyper Stik Plus features a combination of metal, silicone and plastic bristles to speed up styling, spread hair evenly across the paddle to distribute heat evenly and add shine! Brush under hair to create body and to straighten. Brush on top to smooth and eliminate frizz.

  • Nano Titanium™ Sol-Gel technology for a stronger and smoother styling surface
  • Single-piece metal bristle base for optimal heat transfer
  • Mix of silicone and plastic bristles helps grip hair, evenly distribute heat and add shine while protecting the scalp
  • LED temperature display, 355°F–400°F–430°F for all hair types
  • Ionic technology for shiny and smooth hair