ORS Natures Shine (9oz)

Item Code: ORS11037
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Product Barcode:   632169110377

-Natural hair care. 
-A rich blend of natural and essential oils. 
-Gives your braids, locks, twists and fros a light healthy shine. 
-Coconut and soybean oils moisturize and condition the hair and scalp leaving the hair soft and radiant. 
-Perfect for braids, locks, twists, and fros. 
-Adds a brilliant shine without build-up. 
-Doesnt coat the hair, penetrates to moisturize and soften. 
-Excellent for braids. 
-Infused with healing herbs. 
-The coconut oil in Natures Shine causes the product to solidify when exposed to temperatures below 64 degrees F. 
-Once the product reaches room temperature it will return to a liquid state. 
-Cruelty free products. -No animal testing.