Model model Lace Wig Lace Wig 5" X 4" Lace Wig Simmon

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Improve your style today when you walk out wearing the Model Model U-Curve Lace Front Wig – Simmon. The Simmon is quickly going to establish itself as one of your favorite pieces from the very first moment you put it on. For starters, the Simmon is a 5” x 4” U Curve Lace piece. It is made out of premium synthetic fibers. These fibers give you a realistic appearance and the parting versatility will give you the ability to create styles no one else has. This piece comes in a variety of different shades and colors, meaning you will get a color that fits any fashion sense or style. The Model Model U-Curve Lace Front Wig – Simmon is one piece you do not want to wait to get.
Premium Synthetic Fiber

- 5" x 4" U Curve Lace Wig

- Realistic Appearance

- Parting Versatility

Color Shown: OT99J, OT530