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You may never tire of hearing, "I love your hair!" You will hear that a lot when you wear the Model Model Premium Wig – Harper As the saying goes, "big things come in little packages." The "Harper" by Model Model is worth its weight in gold. You will love how comfortable it is to wear. The short tapered style makes a statement as well. It says you are smart and sassy and the world better watch out, because here you come! And surprise! There are no combs inside. You don't need them. The stretchy cap fits well and very securely, even on larger sized heads. You get great style in seconds! The special synthetic fibers, made in Japan, are some of the best on the market. They look and feel very natural, just like real hair. They are heat safe to 400 degrees. It comes in 13 color choices. Some you will find no where else. So let your originality shine! Want your nails done too? Check the Divatress Beauty department for a great selection of manicure and pedicure tools and lots of great polishes.